Have you visited your doctor with complaints and concerns only to be told that, based on lab results, “there’s nothing wrong with you” when clearly there is?  You may not have a disease, but when you’re not functioning properly there are markers in your blood, urine and saliva that will explain, not only your symptoms, but also what you can do to correct your symptoms and restore your body to health and well-being!
Annelle Norman, BSc (HONS) LCH is a health-care practitioner trained in both holistic and conventional medicine. With a degree in Complementary Medicine from University of Westminster in London, having specialized in both Functional and Homeopathic Medicine, Annelle reads blood chemistry and endocrinology lab results from a Functional Medicine perspective.  Whether you are dealing with an acute ailment (a cold, flu or injury) or a chronic one (blood sugar, thyroid, hormonal, energy, autoimmune, gluten or other food sensitivities or mood disorder) Annelle can assist you in restoring health and balance in your life.

Since 1999, I have been serving the families of Denver (and nationally via internet) utilizing my extensive knowledge of Homeopathy, Herbs, Psychotherapy, Nutrition, Biochemistry, Immunology, Neuroendocrinology and Functional MedicineI can serve as your neighborhood complementary health care and wellness consultant for the entire family, like having an old-fashioned (holistic!) family “doctor” right in the neighborhood--I’ll even make house calls for established clients!.  Please note that I am not a medical doctor.  I do not diagnose or treat medical diseases.  It is therefore essential for people who consult with me to be under the care of a primary care provider for diagnoses, treatment and oversight of medical conditions for themselves and/or their children. 
Are you looking for safe, effective alternatives to antibiotics, anti-depressants, hormone replacement therapy, pain killers, anti-inflammatants or steroids?  There are natural, effective supplements and remedies that actually assist your body, mind and spirit in healing itself, not just suppressing your symptoms.
Do you have a child who has allergies, sensitivities, recurrent colds, ear infections or flu, behavioral or learning issues?  Your child will find my home office cozy, comforting and non-threatening.  Once your family has visited me here, I’ll even make a house call if you have a sick child!
This video will give you some insight into my background and approach.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please either call on 
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