For those in need of stable health and happiness...please see Annelle Norman!!!
By the grace of Spirit, I was referred to Annelle 5 months ago, after
having missed my menstrual cycle for over 9 months. At the age of 38,
I was very concerned that this was not typical, and needed advice on what was going on with my body. I was concerned that I was going into early menopause. Within a mere month of treatment through Annelle, I'm so thrilled to have both my libido, and my cycle BACK! She is very intuitive and highly specialized in her practice. Annelle really listens to your situation, and offers frank, candid solutions that really work in the long run.  She changed my life in so many ways. She came into my life, at the
most perfect time... and I can only say, if your considering seeing
Annelle, then you've already made the choice that you need and deserve
her amazing services.
Carrie S...Denver Colorado
Annelle not only administers, but also teaches, holistic medicine.  She has
helped heal acute illness in my family as much as taught me how to nourish 
and support our immune systems to prevent future illnessOn top of that,
Annelle naturally nurtures the human spirit of those around her by fostering
community and inspiring creative solutions to social issues.      
                                  Gina…Denver Colorado
As a long time client of Annelle's, I went seeking her counsel on my 6 year old son.He was acting out terribly, was mean, angry and sulky. He cried and hit and I wasvery concerned about what may be going on for him emotionally. Annelle  gave hima constitutional remedy and the kid is a different boy.  In two days, these excessiveoverdramatic symptoms were gone. He would still exhibit his moods, but they weremuch more in line with a normal, functioning child trying to figure out his place and boundaries in the world. He was a different person. We worked on a remedy for his brother as well. While not experiencing the same extreme symptoms as Cooper,Spencer was getting a little intolerant and out of control.  One remedy and he too was back acting like a normal 4 year old boy.  In addition, we worked with Annelle all winter on our family healthy. I followed her advice with diet as best I could and gave them the supplements and remedies suggested, and as a result we did not have ONE trip to the doctor all winter.  NOT ONE day of school missed due to sickness. NOT ONE ear infection, sore throat, cough etc. NOT ONE. My boys and I love this woman and willcontinue to work with her as long as we need to be in good health.      Tommie......Golden, Colorado

Annelle's intuitive nature and knowledge of homeopathy has helped my whole familywith both acute illness and more chronic conditions.  She has a wonderful rapport with children.                                                  Maura….Denver
I would like to pass on this wonderful information to my wife and son both noticed that Josh has not coughed at all for the whole day! This is wonderful news to me because, as I said, every time he would cough I really felt frustrated that our Kaiser doctor could not help him. However, today marks 11 days since he was seen by you! I noticed that most of the treatments you gave us for him were for an initial 10 day period and quite honestly, we missed a few. But that 
did not stop him from getting better such a short time after his appointment with you!  Thanks so much for seeing him and treating him! 
He seems to be doing better already!
                                               Wes...Aurora, Colorado                                     

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